3D Tours in a Hot Seller's Market: Worth the Investment?

In a hot seller's market, it's easy to think that you really don't need to spend money to market your listings. The listing will sell anyway, right? The answer: most likely, yes. However, ask yourself if you want to be known as the agent who does as little work as possible, or the agent who consistently serves clients at the highest levels? If you're serious about building your business (and generating referrals), you'll want to consider investing in your marketing with 3D tours now more than ever before. Let's break down why.

Seller Goals

Most sellers still have three main goals:

  1. to get the highest price for their home

  2. in the least amount of time

  3. with the least amount of inconvenience

In a hot seller's market, the first two goals are easily achieved. There are more ready, willing, and able buyers than there are homes on the market, so everyone is scrambling to have their chance at a new listing. Right now in the Cincinnati market it is common to have a full day of showings the first day a property hits the market, and many properties are selling at list price or above in the first couple days. However, how many of those showings are wasted on buyers who don't like the layout of the home? How many more qualified buyers (who will write offers) could you have if you could weed out those non-serious buyers? How much more convenient for the seller could you make the process by making sure only truly serious buyers are physically walking through your seller's property?

3D Tours Help With Seller Goals

In addition to being a proven solution for helping Cincinnati area sellers get more money for their listings and sell them faster, 3D tours are also proven to create a more convenient selling process for sellers. With a 3D tour, buyers can "walk through" the property as if they are there in person. They can see the entire layout of the home from a bird's-eye view using either the Dollhouse View or the Floor Plan view of the tour. Buyers can even view exterior parts of the property using integrated 360° panoramic views outside.

If you were selling your own home, would you rather have a list of showings with buyers who may or may not like your floor plan, or buyers who have previewed every inch of your home already and are physically walking through to decide how much they're willing to offer? A 3D tour helps weed out wasted showings and frees up time for more serious buyers, creating a more convenient selling process while also boosting the first two goals of selling in less time for more money.

3D Tours Differentiate You Among Your Competition

There's a saying among top performers in the real estate industry: your next transaction is embedded in this one. When you list a property, you are showing your sellers (and everyone they know) how you run your business. How many more referrals would you generate if everyone in your seller's sphere of influence took note at your above-average marketing?

Every agent we have worked with in the Cincinnati area has received positive feedback when they show their listing off with a 3D tour. Sellers and buyers are both generally impressed, and the agents who are utilizing 3D tours on every listing are winning listings against their competition (and let's not forget, in a market where listings are few, competition becomes more common).


If you are serious about building your book of business so that you can thrive in any type of market, now is the time to raise the bar on your marketing with 3D tours and professional photography. Are you ready to take your business to the next level, win more listings, and generate more referrals? Cincy3DHomes is here to help. Get started today and receive $50 off your first 3D tour package when you mention this blog post!

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