Preparing for Photos

Preparing to list your house can be quite an undertaking. Depersonalizing, decluttering, and deep cleaning upfront pay dividends when it comes to selling your home. With a 3D tour / digital twin, buyers will be able to fully immerse themselves and "walk through" your property virtually in 3D.


Our camera uses infrared technology and multiple lenses to capture every inch scanned to build a digital twin. Everything that is visible at the time of the scan will show in the 3D tour. We are here to help your home shine in the best light possible.  A few tips to prepare for scanning day: 

  • Depersonalize

    • Remove family photos, diplomas, awards, etc. 

    • Remove decal's of children's names

  • Declutter

    • Remove toys or extras that might be lying around​

    • Put away all clothing

    • Hide newspapers, magazines

    • Unplug and hide dangling cords to electronics/chargers

    • In the Kitchen

      • Remove most items from counters (leaving one or two is fine)

      • Remove all magnets/calendars from the refrigerator

      • Hide dish towels, pet bowls, and trash cans

    • In the Bathroom

      • Remove toiletries and personal items from counters, vanities, and tub/shower​

      • Make sure mirrors are squeaky clean and free from streaks

      • Close toilet lids

    • In the Bedrooms​

      • Make all beds neat and smooth any wrinkles​

      • Clear dressers of personal items, laundry, etc.

  • Outside

    • Pressure wash siding​

    • Clear unnecessary items from decks and patios

    • Clear debris from the yard

    • Freshly cut grass is best! 

    • Remove cars from the driveway and in front of the house 

  • Lights on​​

    • Replace any bulbs that have burned out (careful not to mix incandescent and fluorescent bulbs)​

  • Fans off

If you can, treat scanning day as practice for your first showing. If you are able to leave while the scanning takes place, we'll be able to complete the scans faster and ensure that no one accidentally gets photographed in a scan. If you can't leave, no worries, just be sure no one (including animals) can see the camera while it's scanning. Again, we'll be there to help!